Innovative Snow Removal Equipment from SnowWolf


For over 25 years, SnowWolf has been fixated on a singular idea—how to clear snow and ice in the most efficient way possible. It’s our passion to make jobs easier for snow removal fleets and contractors, and that passion started when we were contractors ourselves. We get how crucial it is to run reliable and effective plows, especially when it’s subzero outside and you have a night full of jobs ahead of you. Innovation, engineering, and ingenuity are in our DNA, and we can’t wait to show you what our plows can do.


We design and manufacture pro-grade plows, pushers, and blowers that increase your efficiency, profitability, and enjoyment when clearing snow. Our attachments are made for skid steers, wheel loaders, front loaders, tractors, and other large utility vehicles.
Image of Snowwolf's QuattroPlow CAT262D

Plows and Pushers

From our versatile and efficient AutoWing QuattroPlows to our flagship UltraPlows and leading-edge UltraPushers, choose a SnowWolf to clear the way.
Image of Snowwolf's Snow Blower


Our AlphaBlowers feature an aggressive open-ribbon design that chews up snow and ice and blows it back into a pile or a truck to haul away.
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From WolfPaws snow tires to SpillGuards, ActivEdges, FlexFrames, and more, we have value-packed accessories for all your snow clearing needs.
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Okay, But Can We Prove It?
When you’re out at 2 a.m., empty claims about reliability just aren’t going to cut it. We talk about our obsession with quality and make sure we can back it up.
Build Your snowwolf
Use our interactive tool to identify and customize a SnowWolf for your machines. Don’t be afraid to play around or dream big—see how a new pusher will look paired with your fleet, try on a few different accessories, or check how your favorite plow matches up with that new tractor you’ve had your eye on.
What’s New
Always Passionate, Always Innovating
One of the requirements for working at SnowWolf is a devotion to improvement. Whether it’s answering the phone with an eagerness to help or relentlessly testing a new product to ensure it’s as durable as they come, we think our team is truly second to none in the plow manufacturing business.
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We Want to Hear from You
We don’t believe that a manufacturer’s role is done once a sale is made, and we take pride in backing up what we build. If you have any concerns, we want to hear them. If you run into a problem, we want to make it right. Got a suggestion for a new feature? Bring it on. Just want to talk shop? We would love nothing more. So reach out to us—we personally answer every call and email.