Our story goes way back to many early Minnesota mornings spent clearing snow. Our founder’s parents operated a snow removal and landscaping contract business in the 1970s. A true family business, even the kids got involved in the daily operations, helping grow the company’s success over time. As the contracts multiplied, so did the need for greater efficiencies, reliable equipment, and imaginative solutions to day-to-day problems.

Coming up with new ideas to solve problems was a natural fit, and our contracting business began to evolve into an equipment business as well. SnowWolf was officially founded in 1990 with the release of our original UltraPlow for skid steers. After the success of the UltraPlow, we’ve been 100% dedicated to the design, engineering, testing, manufacturing, and support of our snow removal products since 1998. We are proud of where we come from and what we build right here in the U.S., and we’re excited to show you everything that a SnowWolf can do.

Putting Customers First

With our background in contracting, we understand how much is riding on the dependability of your machine. Being down at 3 a.m. just won’t cut it. Equipment that is frustrating to use or having to talk to a robot when you have a problem won’t either. From product design to rigorous field testing to providing personal, “live” customer service and support, our customers’ needs drive everything we do.
If we are staying the same, we’re going backwards.
Mark Holman
Image of Mark Holman, Snowwolf's CO-CEO


Our team is passionate about engineering snow removal equipment that’s built as thoughtfully as it is durable. We believe in providing solutions, doing more than what’s expected, leading the industry in innovation, and moving the needle for our customers. We can still feel the cold on our backs from memories of early morning routes, and that pushes us to keep creating better solutions and stronger products.
Image of Dave MacKinnon, Demo Representative at Snowwolf

Our customer service is laser focused on providing an honest solution to any issue or challenge. We understand that someone else’s livelihood depends on our care for their product.

Dave MacKinnon
Demo Representative
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