AlphaBlower 36-106-P

The Big Dog
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Sheer Force and Dependability

When You Need Maximum Snow Removal

At a fraction of the cost of an engine-drive blower, the AlphaBlower 36-106-P is your go-to machine when you need to remove the most snow with the least effort.

Rated for Tractors 150 – 350 PTO Horsepower.

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Aggressive Open Ribbon Design

No more jamming into drifts and piles. The Hardox 500 abrasion-resistant steel ribbon is serrated, so it chews right into snow and ice effortlessly pulling it into the fan.

One Blower, Multiple Mounting Options

With the reverser, a standard feature on this model, you can choose between front mount and rear mount on your tractor at no additional cost.

Safety Built In

A high capacity cut-out clutch protects both the fan and the gear box from obstacle strikes.

Easy Transport and Access

The manual tilt-down chute makes it easy to clear debris or move from job to job. 

Controlled Direction

Disperse snow wherever you want with the deluxe 4-flap chute.

Image of Snowwolf's AlphaBlower 36-106-P
AlphaBlower 33-100-P
More affordable option for machines with 100-250HP.
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