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Transform Your Plow

Not ready to switch to the QuattroPlow?

The FastTach is an excellent option if you want the functionality of both an angle plow and a snow pusher all in one. It transforms your UltraPlow into a snow pusher in less than five seconds right from the comfort of your cab. If you’re plowing townhomes or condominiums or just have a wide variety of properties to plow, the FastTach will speed up your workload. 

Patent # 7,654,016

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Maximum Snow Containment

Angle the plow with FastTach® to maintain full snow load containment when turning around islands, corners and other obstructions.

One-Pass Scraping

The UltraPlow maintains down pressure and clean scraping ability even when the FastTach® is hooked up, reducing the amount of salt usage. 

Urethane Sideplate Edges

Built for long-haul durability, 1-1/2” thick urethane sideplate shoes prevent damage to curbs and other hidden obstacles.

Easy to Operate

Change from box pusher to angle plow without leaving the cab.

Safest Attachment Design

Innovative “Keyhole” design keeps the FastTach locked securely while in use. Plus, you never have to leave the cab to make the switch.

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