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Strength in a Compact Frame

Clear the Way with Pride

The American-built FreedomPusherXT is perfect for compact wheel loaders, giving you maximum snow containment capability in a lighter weight than the FreedomPusherHD.

Machine operating rate range: 10,000 lbs. – 20,000 lbs.

*Introductory models shown as images

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Vertical Wing Edges

Offers longer wear life than ski-type shoes and doesn’t compact snow underneath the sideplate creating ice trails. 

3/4” Thick Carbide Cutting Edge

Extremely long wear life compared to other competitors who use 1/2” AR-400 material. 

Hardox 500 Tough Steel in Wings

Highest tensile strength of any plow in its class, making it more difficult to bend or break.

Overall Weight 2,500 lbs.+

FreedomPlow is our heaviest-in-class plow.

Patented Return-to-Center Oscillation

The pusher automatically returns to zero oscillation when you lift it off the ground or come out from stacking into a pile. This means the plow will never be tilted to one side or the other when it’s off the ground, making it safer to transport. 

Image of Snowwolf's FreedomPusherXT
Built for compact wheel loaders, this plow clears snow faster with a 4-in-1 autowing plow design.
When efficiency is key, the autowing design gives you greater functionality and versatility to get the job done fast.
For those who have wheel loaders, this heaviest-in-class pusher was built to move some serious snow.
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