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Image of Snowwolf's QuattroPlowXT
Image of Snowwolf's QuattroPlowXT
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Image of Snowwolf's QuattroPlowXT
Image of Snowwolf's QuattroPlowXT
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An Absolute Boss

Heavy Equipment for Heavy Work

The QuattroPlowHD has all the features of the original, but does double-duty for heavier equipment. Easily switch between angle plowing, wide-angle plowing, pushing, and backdragging with no electrical controls or ever having to chase a detachable box to deliver powerful capacity and speed.

Machine operating weight: 15,000 lbs. – 30,000 lbs.

Patents # 10,435,864 / 10,358,782

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Multi-Directional Containment Control

With the 165-degree rotation of QuattroPlow’s wings, you’ll have excellent containment no matter which way your machine is traveling.

One Attachment, Four Functions

The QuattroPlow’s X-Factor is the ability it gives you to angle, push, backdrag and wide-angle massive amounts of snow.

Simply Plug and Go!

Two hose connections are all that’s needed to run the four functions of the QuattroPlow. No extra wiring, no extra controllers, no extra headaches.

Roll Snow Effortlessly

35-degree angle and tight moldboard curvature means you’ll use less horsepower to push more snow, while minimizing windrows.

Get More Done

Bonus wide-angle position provides 30 additional inches on both ends.  

Image of Snowwolf's QuattroPlowHD
A heavier design with the same autowing functionality.
Same great power in a simpler design.
Powerful performance with the heaviest-in-class pusher.
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