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Familiarity, Comfort, and Power 

Clear the Way from the Comfort of Your Tractor Cab

The QuattroPlowTR attaches easily to your front loader tractor so you can clear off your driveways and roads from the comfort of your cab. A member of a new class of snow plows, this autowing plow automatically switches between angle plowing, wide-angle plowing, pushing, and backdragging with no electrical controls or ever having to chase a detachable box.

Patents # 10,435,864 / 10,353,782

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Multi-Directional Containment Control

With the 165-degree rotation of QuattroPlow’s wings, you’ll have excellent containment no matter which way your machine is traveling.

No Trickles to Clear

QuattroPlowTR angles 35 degrees so you can get snow rolling faster and farther from the plow’s center. The result is less snow left behind and no need to go back to clean up trickles. 

3-Point Hitch Mount

The QuattroPlowTR Series of plows attach to tractors equipped with CAT I&II 3-point hitches.

For Tractors Rated from 40-150 Horsepower

Clear everything from a single residential driveway to commercial lots with extensive acreage.

Get More Done

Bonus wide-angle position provides 23 – 30 additional inches on both ends depending on the class of QuattroPlowTR.

Image of Snowwolf's QuattroPlowTR
For a simpler design with fewer moving parts.
Simpler in design, it’s overbuilt to handle the rigors of large machinery.
AlphaBlower 33-100-P
Move snow faster or pile it in your truck to take off site.
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