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Image of Snowwolf's WolfPaws
Image of Snowwolf's WolfPaws
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Image of Snowwolf's WolfPaws
Image of Snowwolf's WolfPaws
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Double Your Ground Pressure

No Slide. No Slip. No Spin. Simply Stick and Go.

WolfPaws are the only snow tire designed specifically for skid steers. These are not a retread but a completely new tire for this one purpose. Increase traction, ground pressure and productivity with WolfPaws.

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Narrow Width

WolfPaws® are 6.6”-8.5” wide compared to most skid steer loader tires at 10”-14” which exert nearly double the ground pressure and cut through snow easier.

Specialized Tread Pattern

The tread pattern on our studdable WolfPaws® tires are designed and molded by SnowWolf specifically for machinery on snow and ice. Not a retread. Not a truck tire. Made in the USA.


Due to the unique width, WolfPaws® come complete with both a tire and a wheel.

No More Wasted Time

Precious time and profitability are lost due to spinning tires, but WolfPaws® keep you moving.


If you’re unhappy with the performance of your WolfPaws® after the first use, return them to your dealer for a full refund. 

Image of Snowwolf's WolfPaws
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