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Make Your Machine 30% Better

Wider Plowing and Higher Stacking

WolfWings™ allow you to take a full-width pass when angle plowing and to pile on three times the amount of snow when pushing. This simple addition can dramatically increase your efficiency and profitability.

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Windrow Efficiency

Sink the full plow width into the snow without losing snow off the sides. Get 30-40% more efficiency than a snow pusher or standard angle plow when you add WolfWings™.

Triple Containment

Carry 3 times more snow into the pile in a straight push as you would with no wings at all.

30-Degree Angle

All WolfWings™ pitch forward at a 30-degree angle for extra containment and maximum angle plowing efficiency.

Easy Installation and Quick Release

Release the wings in less than 30 seconds by simply pulling 2 pins per wing.

Extends Plowing Width

WolfWings™ add 11” to each side for the Ultra Series and 20” of width per side for the Alpha Series.

Image of Snowwolf's WolfWings
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