13 Tips for Successfully Marketing to Millennial Property Managers, HOAs and Other Decision-Makers

Millennials are all grown up and are now decision-makers for HOAs, retail spaces, hospitals and other places where quality snow removal is expected. As a contractor, you need to communicate and market to this generation.

Why You Need to Market to Millennials Differently than Older Generations

Every generation complains about the up and coming younger one. No matter how you feel about Millennials, you do need to market to them differently.

They have different values than Gen Xers and Baby Boomers. Indeed, Millennials seek out holistic experiences and value quality products that benefit the greater good.

Since older Millennials are now in their late 30’s, you’ll be encountering them. Millennials work as property managers, HOA presidents, and other leaders in commercial properties. So, you need to learn how to market to them if you want them as your customers.

Millennials who are responsible for medical facilities and other low snow tolerant properties would appreciate you working with them during snowstorms. Read more in this blog post.

13 Tips for Marketing to Millennials

Millennial property managers, HOA presidents and others who have leadership positions don’t respond well to slick salespeople or folks who are tight-lipped. Instead, Millennial customers will react positively to an authentic, honest snow and ice management owner who wants to keep customers safe.

Here are 13 tips for marketing to Millennials—these tips are familiar to anyone who reads up on this empowered younger generation:

1. Millennials are tech-savvy: Millennials love their mobile devices and use them when they work. So, it’s imperative that your website is mobile-friendly, there’s a chat box, and that there are blogs and other social media for them to learn about you and your services.

2. Millennials still value face-to-face time: Even though your Millennial property manager may have researched you before picking up the phone, they still want you to meet with them for a pre-season visit.

3. Millennials want to know the why behind your sales pitch: You may have a standard elevator speech that you deliver to all of your sales prospects, but Millennials aren’t easily fooled. They want to know the why behind your services and what value your snow services bring to the properties they manage.

4. Millennials voice their opinions: If you’re going to offer snow and ice removal services to Millennial HOA presidents, then you can expect that they’ll share their views about your service—both to you and online.

5. Millennials relate holistically rather than in a vacuum: Millennials want to connect across the board. When you talk with your Millennial customer, remember that they crave value, relationship, and authenticity.

6. Millennials expect your website and social media to be easy to navigate—quickly: You can cold call a Millennial, but more than likely, they won’t make a commitment to you over the phone.

Instead, Millennials will look you up online first—read your blogs and social media content. If your website is slow to load or it’s not mobile-friendly expect your Millennial sales prospects to move onto the next snow service.

7. Millennials respect authenticity and truth: Millennials expect your web content, blogs, and face-to-face meetings to be authentic. They value honesty in their dealings…including with their snow removal contractor. Slick selling is a turn-off.

8. Millennials are value-driven: Millennials care about the consequences of using certain products and services. They value organic and healthy environments. For example, a Millennial property manager would be interested in your brine solution instead of waiting until the middle of a storm to spread salt on their parking lots.

Here’s a blog post that Millennials will value: “Maximizing Your Plowing Efficiency While Lowering Your Salt Dependency.”

9. Millennials will seek you out online before they call you for an estimate: If a Millennial is going to call you about your snow and ice removal services, be assured that they studied you online.

Be proactive and have videos, blogs, and landing pages for your potential clients to learn more about you.

10. Millennials want to move quickly from in-person meetings to their phones and laptops: During your meeting with a Millennial sales prospect, you should be confident to use your website as part of your sales pitch.

Millennials don’t have the patience for outdated technology or web development. They may want to watch a video of your crews in action.

They expect to use their phones and other mobile devices to move seamlessly from talking with you to uploading one of your videos during a sales meeting or a preseason visit.

11. Millennials will research different ways of removing snow and ice: Most Millennials will investigate what they need before they look into service providers.

Again, keep your website relevant and informative. Include information on your blogs and social media about environmentally safe ways to remove snow. Millennials want to know how you can remove snow and ice as well as protect the local environment from too much salt usage.

Millennial property managers will be interested in customer safety, environmentally smart ways of removing snow and how you’ll keep their customers’ experiences worthwhile—even during or right after a snowstorm.

12. Millennials share their experiences online: If one of your crews does a sloppy job that results in a potential slip and fall, or customers are dragging too much salt into retail spaces, you can expect it to be shared online. It’s digital word-of-mouth.

And it could be a Millennial customer who finds walking across a parking lot treacherous. So, you need to deliver positive experiences by keeping parking lots, storefronts, and walkways clean and safe.

13. Millennials are spenders who invest in high-quality products that improve their quality of life: Even though Millennial property managers may have a tight budget, they’re willing to spend money on exceptional service.

If you can deliver quality service without using too much salt, for example, chances are you’ll be a hit with other Millennial decision-makers.

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