14 Smart Ways to Use Social Media in Your Snow Removal Business

There’s no way around it. To do business today, you need a social media footprint—even as a snow and ice management company.

And yet, you don’t want to go willy-nilly into social media. Instead, you need a plan on what social media channels to use as well as how to target your ideal client.

14 Smart Ways to Use Social Media

Unless you’re anti-technology, you probably have used social media in your private and business lives. Now, you need to take hold of this avenue to connect with your sales prospects and customers.

Here are those 14 tips:

  1. Make a commitment to use social media: While you may not put this as a tweet or a LinkedIn announcement, you need to make a commitment to social media. If you’re going to start tweeting, linking, and Facebooking, you need to be consistent and regular.
  2. Remember, it takes time to build a following: You won’t become an Internet sensation overnight. Indeed, it takes a while to develop a loyal following. You should plan to begin your social media campaign during your off-season.
  3. Update your social media channels often: There are many digital marketing experts who’ll give you advice on how much you should be churning out content. However, there’s no one size fits all in the social media space. So while you want to make a plan and stay consistent, post what feels comfortable for you—whether that’s once a day or five times a day.
  4. Know where your ideal client hangs out: There’s no point putting up content on Facebook if all of your commercial clients are on LinkedIn (hint, hint: if you’re targeting commercial clients, such as property managers, they’re on LinkedIn).
  5. Use video and pictures: Pictures are worth a thousand words, and that’s especially true in today’s society. People’s attention spans seem to dwindle more and more. Now it’s eight seconds long where it used to be 12 seconds. Use videos and pictures to tell your snow and ice management company’s story.

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  1. Ask questions to get your followers to engage with you: Raise your customers’ and prospects’ interest by posting questions. Questions invite answers especially if they’re provocative.
  2. Remember, social media is a form of community: In most cases, there are human beings on the other side of your communication. So, you need to be aware of what your clients’ needs and wants are from a snow and ice removal company. Post relevant information related to solving their property problems during the winter.
  3. Content calendar: Be organized and purposeful by creating a content calendar. It can be as simple as a spreadsheet or a daily calendar with some key points to share online.
  4. Don’t be boring: Instead, share information that’s relevant and current. Reach into your customers’ pain points and present your company’s solutions. Share links to content that reaches your customers too.
  5. Be consistent—even during the busy season: Many times, business owners go MIA during their busy seasons. While you may not feel like posting in the middle of blizzard, you can build excitement by sharing the latest weather predictions on social media before the storm arrives.

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  1. Hire outside help: Managing your social media accounts, as well as other online marketing duties, can be a full-time job. You may not be able to afford a full-time marketing manager or even an outside marketing agency. However, there are reputable freelancers who can help you with your social media needs—even when you’re focused on getting snow pushers out on the road for an impending storm.
  2. Know your numbers: Google analytics, Facebook analytics, the number of viewers looking at your LinkedIn profile—these numbers are important. They show you if you’re using the right keywords and addressing the right audience. It’s hard to keep up on the analytics—so make sure you have a web designer or social media consultant to get the numbers for you as well as explain them to you.
  3. Include customer service: Make it easy for sales prospects to find you. Encourage them to message you online or to respond to one of your tweets. You need to stay on top of this communication to provide a fast response time. What happens if it’s a complaint? The temptation may be to ignore it—but don’t. Be positive and polite as well as look into the complaint in order to fix it.
  4. Paid advertising: There are times to invest in Google Adwords and sponsored content on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Again, you probably want to hire someone to help you with paid advertising to ensure you get your ROI. Neil Patel is an expert in content marketing and he shared this informative article on paid advertising.

Did You Find Snow Wolf through Social Media?

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