5 Software Programs to Keep You & Your Crews Organized, On Time & Successful This Winter

Whether you’ve been in the snow removal business for decades or this is your company’s first winter, you want to have the latest software programs that will help you and your crews clean off as many parking lots as possible in the shortest amount of time.

Fortunately, modern technology can help you with back office organization, GPS tracking, measuring parking lots, and current weather conditions.

5 Software Programs for Snow & Ice Management Success

While there are many different software programs and their apps available online, not every company is the best. However, here are five software companies that garner know, like and trust to their customers:

Go iLawn Software

Go iLawn:

Go iLawn’s software program makes measuring and identifying obstacles a snap. Plus, you can send these notations to your subcontractors, customers, and Go iLawn is a measuring tool that helps you with snow removal estimates. The program also helps you to know how much snow removal equipment and deicing material you need to do a thorough job. The app allows you to measure a parking lot and sidewalks.

Here are other Go iLawn features:

  • Measure square footage
  • Measure linear distance
  • Measure change in elevation including slopes
  • Count parking stalls, speed bumps, light poles, building entrances, drains and more
  • Identify and label parking lot obstacles.

You can also use Go iLawn for your green industry company during the growing season. You get similar features for measuring your customers’ lawns and landscapes.

2. Service Autopilot:

This software program is designed to keep your back office organized. During bidding season, you can keep track of prospect calls, write bids and perform pre-season visits. Then during the busy snow season, you can also keep track of invoices, communication with your crews and organizing snow plowing teams to your many commercial clients.

Service Autopilot has a dispatching feature too. You have three scheduling options to choose from

Dispatch board

  • Dispatch calendar
  • Traditional calendar

As soon as you assign your crews to a specific property, your team can see their schedule, work details, observation notes and pictures on their mobile devices.

Like Go iLawn, Service Autopilot provides efficiency for both the green and white sides of your landscaping or lawn care business. So, you’re getting a program that benefits you throughout the entire year.

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3. Fleetmatics:

This software program is part of the Verizon family, and it’s a dispatch software. The software’s dashboard allows you to keep track of your crews, fleet, and snow equipment in one place.

Likewise, you can keep your snow crews up-to-date on job sites, share job prioritization, and the directions to each job site. Fleetmatics allows you to streamline your snow pushing jobs—making you and your crews more efficient and organized.

4. CrewTracker:

Your crew can download CrewTracker’s mobile app to their phones since the app works directly with its Business Management Software for Snow and Ice Management.

Your crews use the app while they’re on a job site to record the services they completed and the number of materials they used on the job. The mobile app also provides GPS locations and allows your snow teams to clock in and out.

The software is programmed to make you and your snow crews more efficient, productive, profitable, and organized.

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5. Weatherworks:

When you’re dealing with snowy weather and hazardous conditions, you need a reliable weather software program. Weatherworks provides specific snowfall totals as well as up-to-the-minute weather forecasting.

The weather software program gives you past climatology reports so you can create well-informed bids.

If you need to make a crucial decision about adding more crews on the road or to see if the snow will let up during rush-hour traffic, you can call Weatherworks experts for the most updated meteorological advice.

Weatherworks also provides past snowstorm reports to help you fight liability claims such as slip and falls, client disputes and other legal matters.

Snow Wolf Keeps Your Crews Ahead of the Game with Snow Plows and Pushers

While software programs keep your business organized and efficient, at Snow Wolf, we design and produce snow attachments to help you get the job done.

Our products include the most innovative snow equipment on the market. Visit our website to find a dealer near you. Or you can call our customer service at 1-800-905-2265 or fill out our contact form.


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