5 Tips to Market Your New Snow Removal Business

So, you’ve decided to start a snow removal business. Since it’s still summer, you’re ahead of the game because this is the time to start marketing your services to potential clients.

If you already own a green industry company—such as lawn care or landscaping—finding customers will be a cinch. You just need to look at your current client list and let them know that you’re now a four season business.

But what about starting fresh with your snow pushing company without an in-depth database of customers to call?

Then you need to start pounding the pavement to build up your base. In this blog post, you’ll learn 5 tips to help you market your new snow removal business.

Keeping It Simple

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to generate an extensive list of customers. Instead, you need to think about what you can do for very little money to get your name out there.

If you’re providing residential services, here are some marketing ideas:

  1. Use social media: Set up a LinkedIn, Facebook business page and an Instagram. If there are other social media channels where your ideal clients go, make sure you’re active on them too. Plot out what your potential customers need to know about calling you for snow services. And remember: Look at your services through your client’s needs and wants. Then share how you’ll solve their snow and ice problems.

Consider making your Facebook business page fun with games and contests. Or if that’s not your thing, offer promotional discounts if people sign on with you before November 1.

  1. Door hangers: Door hangers are an inexpensive way to get the attention of new prospects. Get them through Vistaprint or other online printing companies.
  2. Newsletters: Create a newsletter, reminding people that winter will be here in no time, and it’s time to think about snow and ice removal. Offer specials or coupons.
  3. Word of mouth: This option works best if you have an existing company that works with homeowners all year long. But you can also let your family and friends know (including your Facebook friends) you’ll be offering snow removal services this winter.
  4. Mailers: There are all kinds of mailers available. Look at your junk mail and make a note of why you follow up with some of these services. Then write out your ad using the language that will make homeowners call

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If you’re aiming for commercial clients, such as HOAs and property managers, the above tips may help you. However, you may need some other marketing tips to get commercial customers to call you:

  1. Invoice stuffers: If you provide mowing and landscaping to properties during the growing season, then include a small flyer with your invoices telling your existing customers you’re adding snow and ice removal services to your company.
  2. Prepare a packet: In some states, HOAs and POAs have a particular time where they’re taking bids for winter services. Learn how to connect with these associations and prepare a sales packet for them.
  3. Look at past clients: If you have past customers—either for your green industry or home improvement company, send them a letter telling them about your snow pushing services.
  4. Cold calling: Some people are comfortable with cold calling while others would rather have a root canal instead. If you don’t mind cold calling, develop an elevator speech and make a list of commercial properties you want to service.
  5. Take out an ad: Most towns and cities have a regular weekly newspaper. Find out how much it costs for a weekly ad as well as for an ad in the classified section. Both are inexpensive and will help you reach your target market.

Also, consider buying advertising through Facebook and other social media outlets.

Facebook ads are inexpensive and are easy to set up. Plus, you can pick specific cities and other demographics to ensure the right people see your posts.

Here are 4 tips to adding ice removal to your snow pushing services.

Remember, the summer and early fall are good times to start marketing your new snow removal business. Employ some of the above ideas and see your client list grow.


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