6 Benefits to Attending a Snow and Ice Industry Trade Show

Now that the snow has melted and snowstorms are less frequent, it’s trade show time for the snow and ice industry.

As a business owner, trade shows can be a time where you learn about cutting edge snow equipment, take classes and workshops to learn about running a profitable snow and ice business, as well as mingle with other snow and ice entrepreneurs.

Trade shows can be expensive. You need to consider travel, lodging and admission costs.

Depending on where the show is located, you may want to take along your significant other to enjoy the hosting city’s sights and restaurants.

Here are six reasons why you should attend at least one snow and ice industry trade show in 2017:

  1. Networking: Trade shows are an excellent time to connect with others in the industry. You get a chance to talk about the season—what you learned and ask questions. After working all hours and in the worst weather conditions this past winter, it’s nice to talk with others who do the same type of work as you.
  2. Educational: Snow and ice trade shows have plenty of outlets for learning. Most trade shows host workshops and training sessions on the following topics:
  • Legal issues and insurance options
  • Business operations
  • Sales and marketing
  • Job costing
  • Safety
  • New trends in the snow and ice management industry
  • Technology trends to use
  • Weather technology and issues
  • Hiring seasonal employees and working with sub-contractors.

  1. Talk with vendors and suppliers: When you attend trade shows, you’ll see all of the new equipment for the year. You also get to talk with your vendors, ask them questions and learn more about their products.
  2. Check out your competitors: You also get to see and observe your competitors. You can talk to your competitors to see what they’re doing in their respective companies.
  3. Be inspired with new ways to run your business: There’s a certain magic that happens at every good trade show. You learn a lot, you get to network, and you’re exposed to new ideas. As you think through the week, you can start to brainstorm how you’ll use those new ideas in your company.
  4. Enjoy some time away from the office: Many times, trade shows are held in big cities. Since you’re already investing in trade show attendance, you should also take some time to enjoy the city you’re visiting. Go online and see what the city is known for and make a plan to visit those places before you leave.

Trade shows are a big investment due to travel and lodging expenses as well as for the admission into the show. You leave with the feeling of anticipation and new choices for making your snow and ice management company more profitable. And you may get to take in some sight-seeing too!

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