6 Tips to Keep Your Crews Busy Between Storms

So, Mother Nature has finally given you a break between storms. And it’s a well-deserved break too.

However, if there is too much time between storms, you may find that your crews are getting bored. Why not take the time to refill, restock and resolve company issues during this downtime?

In addition to the typical equipment refilling and repairing in between storms, use your downtime to make work systems more efficient, solve problems and prepare for the next storm coming down the pike.

6 Tips to Keep You and Your Crews Busy

Here are six ideas to keep everyone in your snow removal company busy between storms:

1. Check your equipment’s maintenance plan: Downtime is the best time to update your equipment and employ maintenance checks. For example, make repairs, do a detailed cleaning and fill all of your fluids.

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2. Resolve company hiccups:
If there are systems within your company that aren’t working, now is the time to brainstorm with your crews how to fix these problems. Make a list of problems, inefficiencies, and other issues that are challenging your crews, foremen and And then brainstorm as a group how to solve these problems. Make sure you write down your solutions too.

3. Get prepared for the next storm: Unless there are signs of spring and no more snow, you should always be preparing for the next storm. Fill up on de-icer and window washer fluid as well as other equipment chores. Also, this is a good time to connect with your customers to make sure they’re getting the service you promised them.

4. Ask your sales team to go to your clients’ sites to make sure that the crews are meeting customers’ expectations:
When there is a lull in storms, encourage your sales team to check up on your clients’ sites. Make sure that all sidewalks are cleared off; there’s no property damage, and snow is not piled by drains but is placed in the designated area.

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5. Check in with your snow contractors: Check in with your sub-contractors too. See if they have any concerns or problems with the properties they’re clearing during snow events.

6. Do an inventory check: Slow times make a great time to take stock of your inventory. Go through your supplies—get rid of products that are past their expiration date, remove products you don’t use, and make a list of products that need to be restocked, so you have everything you need at your fingertips.

Indeed, a slow period between storms helps you and your team get caught up, make necessary equipment repairs and update your inventory. It should also be used to catch up on sleep and reconnecting with loved ones before you’re called out to the next storm.

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