How Many Parking Lots Can You Clean by 7 A.M.?

You know the deal—the faster you can clear snow from a parking lot, the quicker you can get to the next jobsite and the more money you can make. Today’s snow plows and pushers have reached advanced levels of flexibility to move snow from many directions and angles, making the job more efficient. Here at SnowWolf, we continually ask the question, “How much snow can I clear before 7 a.m. with this product?

Fortunately, for you, SnowWolf offers a wide range of commercial-grade snow plows that’ll work best for the sites you service. One of our more popular snow plows is the FlexPlow™. Simple to operate and super-efficient!

The Easy-to-Use Snow Plow – The Flex Plow

You may not be comfortable letting the new guy use your existing plows. However, these new flexible plows are easy to learn and use.

Your new team member may not be able to clear the parking lot as fast as you can, but he can still cut his time by a third.

Which is more efficient—a truck or a skid steer?

It’s All in the Technology

You may be wondering what makes the FlexPlow more efficient and easy to use. It’s all about the design and the technology:

1. Semi-floating torsion: This new design element provides variable down pressure and shock absorption using a trip-lock-out feature and a shorter blade-to-machine distance to improve maneuverability. Other features include automatic oscillation, allowing the attachment to rise or fall up to five inches on either end. The plow follows the contour of the surface and delivers a clean scrape.

2. Semi-floating design: This feature allows you to apply variable down pressure from zero to 1,400 lbs. of down pressure on the blade. When you roll the attachment plate forward or backward, the system either exerts down force or releases pressure from the blade’s cutting edge.

The farther forward you rotate the attachment plate, the more down pressure you exert on the blade’s edge. Eventually, the system gets so stiff that it applies full-down pressure and your skid steer’s wheels lift off of the ground. To ease the pressure, you rotate the attachment blade back toward the skid steer or tractor.

3. Trip lock out: The trip edge protects your back and the machine because it minimizes or completely gets rid of the jolt. However, when moving dirt or other materials, the trip function can hinder the plow’s efficiency, or even make it impossible to finish the job because the blade trips every time you run over an obstacle, or there is too much weight from the material in front of it.

In your landscape contracting business, you can use your blade with a trip lock out system by adding two bolts between the blade and the quadrant interface. It allows you to adjust the tension on the trip mechanism— enabling you to have more flexibility.

How SnowWolf’s Redesigned FlexPlow Helps You Make More Money in Less Time

The new FlexPlow is an all-purpose blade that’s perfect to use in snow as well as in landscaping. The FlexPlow is compact and efficient to use—so you get a return on your investment as well as more project opportunities.

SnowWolf designed their FlexPlow with compact tractors in mind by shortening the distance from the cutting edge to the back of the attachment, making it 9-1/4” shorter than the previous model.

The adjustment makes for a tighter turn radius, provides better overall maneuverability (you cover more ground in less time) and reduces stress both on your body as well as on the tractor.

Operating In Low Snowfall Regions

You may live in an area that gets very little snow — say under three inches. Alternatively, you may be in an area that gets a moderate amount of snow each winter. However, there are winters where you get very little snow or no snow at all and for this, some will wonder why there’d be a need to upgrade to something like the FlexPlow.

While snow fall totals are minimal so is the level of tolerance for snow fall. In these regions, we find clients have a very low tolerance for any accumulation of snow fall and for that you still need the right equipment to clear the snow fast and efficiently.

But what if there’s seasons with little to no snow. Will your new plows just gather dust during those off years?

Not if you know that you can use them in the green part of your contracting business. Indeed, today’s plows, with their flexibility and built-in technology, allow you to use them for light grading work on driveways and yards.

Moreover, if you serve a low snow area, you can still reap maximum rewards when you opt for a newer plow or snow pusher.

Today’s plows and snow pushers are designed to scrape the snow right off of the parking lots. When you invest in a plow with wings, you’ll find that you can scrape the snow off that lot in less time.

Plus, a cleaner parking lot means that the salt you put down will melt any remaining slush or ice that has accumulated or to prevent new snow fall from sticking.

SnowWolf’s redesigned FlexPlow allows you to double the number of parking lots and roads you can clear of snow by 7 a.m.. Visit to find a FlexPlow dealer near you or call our friendly customer service department for more information.

Which plow will best serve your needs, a snow pusher or an angle plow?

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