Maximize Your Plowing Efficiency While Lowering Your Salt Dependency

By now, you know that there is a shortage of salt. The snow and ice management industry has stayed on top of this issue since announcing it in August.

Plus, you should have your salt supply by now. But is it enough? Do you have enough salt to last your crews until spring—especially if it’s a high snow season?

The Salt Shortage and Your Snow Pushing Company

If you’re a young snow pusher, it’s hard to figure out how you’re going to deal with the salt shortage when cleaning lots this winter. Salt is pricier and more competitive to buy.

SIMA has offered solutions, but when you’re a new snow and ice management company, these solutions can be tough to meet as well as costly.

Your customers will be concerned about slip and fall accidents. And salt is pretty effective in reducing slip and fall claims.

How do you convince your customers that there are other solutions to cleaning off their parking lots and roads?

You have a few other options:

  1. You can make your own brine and mix it with beet extraction, magnesium chloride or calcium magnesium. It works wonders as a pre-treatment, but if temperatures go below 32°F, it doesn’t work anymore. Plus, you need a tank to make the brine, and that adds up to another expense.
  1. You can stretch your salt supply by mixing it with sand. However, what do you do if the snow season is a long one, and you eventually run out of salt and sand? Do you close shop for the season? Your customers won’t like that idea at all.
  1. Your next option would be to invest in snow pushing equipment that helps you stretch your salt supply, lowers your liability with slip and fall cases, and keeps your customers happy. Plus, you’ll have it whether the snow season is long or short.

How Today’s Snow Plows Keep You in Business, Lower Your Liability Risk and Keep Your Customers’ Parking Lots Clean

It’s called “cutting-edge downtime” where you can actually make more money using technologically advanced snow removal attachments. It means your snow removal attachments spend more time on the road cleaning it off than staying upright as you move through rows.

There’s no backtracking, no snow trickles. Just good, clean passes. It means you say goodbye to your box pusher and move to a new piece of equipment called Autowings.

In the Edge Blog on October 31, 2018, the author explains how a box pusher is past its prime. It was a great invention back in 1992.

And yet, technology has evolved in the past 25 years—and so has today’s plows.

The Autowing plow is a case in point. It can push snow, angle the plow with wings, wide-angle plow as well as backdrag. You get a cleaner lot which means less need for salt during freeze/thaw cycles.

The Autowing’s Amazing Capacity to Make You More Money in Less Time

As the October 31st blog stated, you’ll make more passes with the snow plow edge on the ground rather than upright. And that means you’re cleaning off more lots in less time allowing to you make more money.

Plus, the Autowing snow plow allows you to push snow at different angles, angling the plow to move snow with its plow and wings out to full capacity as well as the ability to backdrag.

The new process is called “Edge down, profit up” because the plow stays on the ground longer allowing you to take on more properties to clean. There’s no time-wasting.

Another perk:
Your crews will love the idea of staying in a warm cab while maneuvering the plow angles.

Snow Wolf’s Innovative Autowings

Our Autowings are one-of-a-kind and all due to Snow Wolf design engineers.

We have two Autowings to introduce:

  • The QuattroPlow is four times the plow—literally. Your crews can quickly shift the blade, while in the cab, from angle plowing to straight plowing to high-capacity pushing to backdragging. You can extend the wide-angle plow an extra 23” on each side, extending your reach. Plus, changing the QuattroPlow’s angle is easy—just use the controllers inside the cab to switch angles. There’s no individual hook-ups and no need to get out of a warm cab at 2 a.m. to change angles.
  • The QuattroPlow HD takes it up a notch as a 4-in-1 plow with a fifth function. Just like the QuattroPlow, the QuattroPlow HD shifts from angle plowing, to straight plowing, to high-capacity pushing, to backdragging in under a minute. And yet, this plow has a fifth function: Wide angle plowing. You extend the wings all the way out and gain an extra 28” on both sides of the plow. You’re really cleaning up lots now.

We also have other plows, blowers, and Wolf Paw tires to enable your crews to take on more properties and to get everything done by sunrise the next morning.

If you want to lower your dependence on salt, invest in one of our Autowing plows. You’ll get a better ROI year after year because these machines are built to last.

And you don’t have to worry every summer if there’s enough salt to see you through the next snow season because you’ll be depending on your Autowings—were there’s never a shortage.

Our website makes it easy for you to get your Autowing plows. You can find your dealer on our website, download a catalog or contact our customer service at 1-800-905-2265 or fill out our contact form.

Watch this video to show you how snow plows have evolved over the past 25 years!

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