QuattroPlow™ – What’s in a Name?

Meet the Most Efficient Snow Removal Attachment in the Industry

by Mark Holman, Director and General Manager, WolfDesign

QuattroPlow. If you’re a snow removal professional, you’re gonna want one of these babies.

Why? Because with a QuattroPlow, you’ll have an angle plow with wings, a straight plow with wings, a hydraulic angle snowpusher, a high-capacity backdrag plow and a wide angle plow on the front of your skid steer.

All at once.

And all without extra electric harnesses or controllers in your machine.

We don’t like to pat ourselves on the back much, but….

We truly believe this attachment is going to revolutionize snow removal. It’s hard to imagine a situation in which repeatedly attaching and detaching equipment to finish a job, or using multiple machines and attachments, is going to be better or faster than using a QuattroPlow.

To paraphrase SnowWolf founder, president and product development manager Jerry Holman, snow removal doesn’t get any more efficient than this.

We’ve been calling the QuattroPlow 4X THE PLOW in our communication leading up to SIMA’s Snow & Ice Symposium, where we unveiled the QuattroPlow just this morning.

“Quattro” is an Italian term from Latin “quattuor” meaning “four.” This unique, industry-leading attachment allows operators to tackle all of the first four plowing functions noted above without leaving the cab or even pushing a button. Ergo, QuattroPlow.

That’s nice and all, but in the middle of the night with a half dozen lots left to clear before people start heading for work in the morning, none of that fancy-pants stuff about where the name came from matters.

What’s important, what’s really going to make a difference in your plowing life, is the QuattroPlow works easily, works well and gets you on to the next job faster than any other attachment on the market. And the next and the next and the next….

With a QuattroPlow, a few seconds is all you need to switch from angle plowing to snowpushing to backdragging to straight plowing and back again. Simply turn and hold the steering controls for a few beats and the wings move. Turn the other way and they move back. Easy peasy.

One 60-second-or-less adjustment outside the cab and you’re ready for the fifth function, wide-angle plowing. All you need to do is reposition the wing cylinder on each end of the plow and hop back into your skid steer. Bip-bang-boom. You’re on your way to yet another cleared path with an angle/straight plow that’s 23 inches wider on each side.

So, yeah, we admit it – since you really get five distinct functions with our new, multifaceted, supremely flexible plow, the name doesn’t precisely describe it. On the other hand, most people view angle and straight plowing as one, so it really is a quattro solution.

Four, five, whatever. As I said before, at 2 a.m. what’s in the name has zero bearing on what you’re going to get done. Besides, QuinquePlow just doesn’t roll off the tongue as easily. (Quinque is Latin for five.)

Whichever way you look at it, the QuattroPlow is the next step in the innovation-driven evolution that goes back to SnowWolf’s first day as a company. It started with the UltraPlow, a workhorse angle plow with fully optimized moldboard curvature. Later came the FastTach®, and the next step was WolfWings™.

The QuattroPlow combines all of those technologies and capabilities into one, with a few new innovations to boot.

The smart valve, a new type of hydraulic valve that SnowWolf designed and patented, makes this latest evolutionary step possible. It gives you complete control of the wings without removing your hands from the steering controls.

Other features make the QuattroPlow unique, as well, like 165-degree wing rotation and 35-degree-angle wing tips that provide greater carrying capacity and protect the skid steer snow tires – WolfPaws®, anyone? – from nicks by the wings. You can read more about them in our news release or on the QuattroPlow page.

You wanna talk cost? No problem.

Think about this – No two lots or two driveways are the same. Sometimes you need to do more backdragging, others more pushing, others more angle plowing. Scraping is important in some areas (another function QuattroPlow performs exceptionally, by the way), but not so much in others. Once in a while you need a short moldboard, maybe more often something wider for fewer passes in open areas.

Rather than buying multiple plows and attachments, the QuattroPlow does it all for the cost of a single angle plow plus about $2,600. The value multiplies when you consider greater profits because you can do more jobs in the same amount of time. It goes exponential when you factor in lower maintenance costs and long equipment life due to superior raw materials and manufacturing.

All I can say is the QuattroPlow is pretty darn cool. That’s an understatement, really, but the label fits. Maybe we should have called it the PrettyCoolPlow.

Except every advance in SnowWolf’s progression has stemmed from a new innovation, invention or previously unrecognized combination of technologies. In my opinion, they’ve all been insightful, groundbreaking and awesome. Plus, we have to think about what comes next; we’re on a roll, and naming everything PrettyCool could get confusing.

But that’s a problem for a new day and another new snow removal innovation.

If you weren’t able to be at the 2016 Snow & Ice Symposium, please check out our information and videos of the QuattroPlow. You’ll learn more about how this cutting-edge snow removal attachment moves, works and can make you more profitable. If you ask me, it’s all PrettyCool.

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