SnowWolf® Introduces Ultra-Traction Tread, 10-Ply WolfPaws® Company Improves on Industry’s Original Skid Steer Snow Tires

The greater the area of rubber pad that hits the ground, the less traction the tire will have on snow and slippery terrain. With the new version of SnowWolf® WolfPaws® , significantly less rubber comes in contact with the surface compared to the previous version .



BURNSVILLE, Minn. (May 2, 2016)
– SnowWolf®, a longtime leader in innovation for snow removal equipment and the originator of skid steer snow tires, has introduced new WolfPaws® snow tires that feature a highly aggressive tread pattern and an industry-leading 10-ply rating.

SnowWolf Director and General Manager Mark Holman said that, at minimum, WolfPaws will double the traction of a skid steer with all-weather tires, and they provide significantly more grip than original WolfPaws.

“We’re always striving to improve our equipment and accessories in ways that will help our customers do their jobs better and more efficiently,” he said. “We’ve been in the same cabs, so we know how important every little bit of traction can be. Our improved WolfPaws will give them a lot.”

The new WolfPaws tread pattern is unique in the industry. It features smaller tread blocks and more open space between the blocks, which improves flexibility and grip on snow and ice compared to the tread on any other skid steer snow tires, including the previous version of WolfPaws.

The higher ply rating also improves performance. In general, the lower the play rating, the softer the tire; the higher the ply rating, the stiffer the sidewall. However, this is a delicate balance. Generally, the more pliable the rubber is, the better the traction on snow and ice. Sidewalls that are too rigid result in less winter traction as well as a stiffer ride in the cab.

By increasing WolfPaws from an 8- to a 10-ply rating, SnowWolf has engineered tires with greater weight capacity, stability and durability without compromising traction, ride quality or tread flexibility. Flexibility is a key to maximizing grip on hard-packed snow and ice.

Holman said the introduction of original WolfPaws was a trail-blazing development in the industry, and the new version continues to push the envelope.

“WolfPaws made it possible for operators to move more snow more quickly with a skid steer than they could with tracked skid steers or other, heavier machines,” he said. “The improved WolfPaws will take them several steps further down that path toward maximum efficiency.”

About SnowWolf

SnowWolf, a WolfDesign® company, is a family-owned snow removal equipment business based in Burnsville, Minn. The Holman family started SnowWolf in 1992 after working as landscaping, lawn care and snow removal contractors for many years. The company develops intelligently designed, professional-grade snow removal equipment such as straight plows, box pushers and snow blowers, attachments like its FastTach™ and WolfWings™ and accessories like its unique WolfPaws™ tires for skid steers. SnowWolf solutions make operations ranging from individual contractors to large fleets more efficient and profitable. In addition to developing innovative products, the company provides industry-leading customer care and service.

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SnowWolf, 14311 Ewing Avenue, Burnsville, MN  55306; 800-905-2265; 952-224-4430;; and

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