What’s Your Favorite Snow Gear?

When you’re out in the field, clearing snow and ice for your customers, what is your favorite snow gear?

You know it needs to keep you warm from head to toe. But does your gear also have deep pockets to hold a cell phone or some tools?

At SnowWolf, we asked some of our employees who used to be snow fighters as well as our social media peeps about their favorite jacket and other gear recommendations.

Here’s what we learned.


When it came to jackets, Carhartt won by a landslide. One respondent said, “Can’t go wrong with a Carhartt outfit, top to bottom.”

However, one person always wears his Huntington Mavericks jacket to stay warm.

And no one can go wrong with a winter flannel layered jacket. The must-have for a lot of snow fighters. It has pockets, it’s warm, and it’s sturdy.

If you can swing it, why not invest in a battery-powered jacket? With a battery-operated jacket, you’ll have a thinner coat that keeps you warm in the coldest conditions. And it cuts down on bulky, multi-layers of clothes.

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Bib Overalls:

Another must-have when fighting snow in the middle of the night includes bib overalls. Again, Carhartt is a favorite,

“Carhart (sic) winter bibs and jacket. Not only warm and comfortable but durable when working on equipment at 3 a.m.”

Someone else said, “Carrhart (sic) coveralls will get you through anything.”

Another respondent mentioned Kuhl. The respondent said,

“I’d say nearly as durable as Carhart (sic), but with seams made in all their pants to allow for more comfortable bending. And also a cell phone pocket deep enough, you won’t lose it, and out of the way enough, you won’t damage it. The nice part about there (sic) line is if your (sic) in a position where you’re on sites working and also hold meetings, their brand is good for both. Blue collar dressup…”

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Hats, Gloves & Boots

So, with the overalls and jackets, a good portion of your body is kept warm. But you can’t forget to cover your head and protect your hands from winter winds.

Here are some other must-haves that snow fighters at SnowWolf insist are the best in warmth, comfort and durability:

  • A camouflage balaclava mask
  • Mad bomber hat – One respondent even has a mad bomber hat with real rabbit fur. Sounds cozy as well as warm!
  • Leather snowmobile mitts
  • Sorel boots
  • Toque hats

While everyone has their idea of comfort, you need to have a set of outdoor wear that will not only keep you warm from head to toe, but also provide the flexibility for moving, pockets for storing, and enough coverage to keep you protected against the elements.

So, what’s your favorite gear? Let us know in the comment section or on our Facebook page.

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