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American Built with American Ingenuity

Independence is Strong

The American-Built FreedomPlowHD features all the advantages of the FreedomPlowXT but for larger wheel loaders. With durability, flexibility, and hard work in mind, the FreedomPlowHD was designed to make light work of heavy snow. 

Machine operating weight: 20,000 lbs. – 40,000 lbs.

*Introductory models shown as images

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2” Wing Pins

2x the wear surface vs. industry standard. 

Hardox 500 Tough Steel in Wings

Highest tensile strength of any plow in its class making it more difficult to bend or break.

Carbide-Inserted, Hard-Faced Curb Bumper

Protects the wing parts and greatly increases wear life on wing edges. 

Two-Button Control

Much more intuitive operation, and easier to mount than cumbersome auxiliary switches.

Curb-jumper Wing Edges

Reduces potential damage to curbs by ensuring the plow will smoothly jump over a curb when the wings are forward. 

Image of Snowwolf's FreedomPlowHD
The same size plow with the same functionality in a lighter design. Built to improve efficiency in your snow removal business.
Within the same Freedom Series product line, this American-built plow is for compact wheel loaders.
Simpler in design in the same Freedom family, the heaviest-in-class pusher gets the job done.
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